• Gasgoo Passenger Vehicle Production Forecast
  • Subdivision of 7 propulsion types (including EV)
  • 10-year coverage (2017-2026);
    7-year forecast (2020-2026);
    2-year monthly forecast (2019-2020);
    Quarterly data for all years
  • Gasgoo analyst will share automotive trend insight on offline workshop
  • Provide quarterly analysis report
  • Provide independent electrification forecast data

RMB:75,000 per year

Gasgoo institute is dedicated to becoming a think-tank in automotive industry and providing professional knowledge to industry users. Own the data resources on the basis of supply chain information, vehicle and parts production and sales
Focus on the development trend and application of alternative energy, intelligent and connected vehicles, auto lightweight, intelligent manufacturing Chinese auto supplier chain analysis and research
Exporting research results and data resources for enterprise to make business decision
Features of Gasgoo Database Product