About Event

Volvo Cars has been in operation independently in China for more than 8 years, with complete Strategy Planning, Marketing and Sales Distribution, Design, R&D, Purchasing and Manufacturing Footprint. In the future, it will continue to innovate and develop from vehicle development and industrialization to more diversified business models, together with a healthier and more sustainable portfolio strategy.

Volvo is highly favored by consumers in various of market segments with its distinguished Scandinavian design, leading safety technology, eco-friendly material craftsmanship and advanced technologies. Volvo's various models are leading the industry in terms of power, safety and health, which offers the consumers a unique driving experience.

In the first half of 2018, Volvo sold 317,639 vehicles worldwide, an increase of 14.4% year-on-year. As the largest single market in Volvo, China's is outstanding, with the sales of 61,480 units, an increase of 18.4%, clearly outperforming the overall luxury car market, and its market share has steadily increased. Volvo Car's sales target for 2020 is 800,000 vehicles worldwide, of which China contributes 200,000.

This event will be the theme of technology innovation, and we would like to bridge a number of high-quality and cutting-edge technology suppliers with Volvo, to establish a good relationship and explore opportunities for further closer cooperation to improve the development efficiency and quality with cost.

  • Involved Department

    Volvo Asia Pacific R&D, Purchasing, Consumer and Enterprise Digital etc 

  • Focus Areas

    Smart Cockpit & Autonomous Driving & Intelligent Transportation 


Supplier Recruitment&Registration

This part includes the selection of the registered suppliers by Gasgoo data center and the audit of the supplier by the Volvo Purchasing Department, R&D department and QA department, which takes 6-8 weeks.


Material Collection

This session includes confirmation of supplier materials, booth layout planning, forward-looking technical presentations and 1v1 communication arrangements, and organization coordination within Volvo Cars, which takes 1-2 weeks.


Event DAY

On-site booth construction, product display, technical exchanges, factory visits (if need), activity summary, etc., takes 1-2 days .

Theme & Agenda
Time Program Description
8:15-8:45  Registration Supplier Registration and Exhibition Arrangement
8:45-8:55 Welcome Speech Volvo Leader Welcome Speech (company and technology strategy)
8:55-9:05 Gasgoo Leader Welcome Speech
9:05-11:30 Booth Visit Gasgoo Volvo Leaders Joint Visit with Suppliers
9:30-17:00 Forward-looking Technical Communication Suppliers Advanced Technology Sharing Seminar(30mins/section)
8:45-17:00 Product display Booth Exhibition
(Volvo can communicate with suppliers in depth, with help of Gasgoo)

1, The theme can be adjusted according to Volvo's supplier management needs.
2, The organizer's speech can be adjusted according to the actual situation, and the corresponding suppliers will display the technical sharing of 2-3   
 meeting rooms at the same time.

Time Agenda
9:30-10:00 Topic: Global Outlook and Forecast of Automotive Cockpit Electronics Market
Inviting Speaker: Accenture
10:00-10:30 Topic: Current Status and Latest Development of User Interface& Electronics Design
Established and Emerging UI Technology Foresight
Inviting Speaker:Baicheng SONG, Senior Analyst,Gasgoo Research Institute
10:30-11:00 Topic: Trends in Automotive HMI from OEM Perspective
Basic Requirements of HMI Design for Automated Driving
Cockpit Architecture
Inviting Speaker:Volvo
11:00-11:30 Topic: Integrated Automotive Solutions for a Digital Cockpit Life
Providing Infotainment and IoT Services Across a Suite of OLED and QLED Screens
Inviting Speaker:SAMSUNG HARMAN
11:30-12:00 Topic: Vehicle Intelligence Based on OS's Fusion Intelligence
Inviting Speaker:AliOS
12:00 Lunch
13:30-14:00 Topic: Test Method and Safety Verification of Self-driving Vehicles
Inviting Speaker:TUV
14:00-14:30 Topic: Next-generation Virtualized Smart Cockpit Solution for a Superior Smart Ride Experience
Inviting Speaker:Archermind
14:30-15:00 opic: Important Automotive RF and Data Signal Transmission in Advanced Assisted Driving Technology
Inviting Speaker: Rosenberger
15:00-15:30 Topic: Single-chip Drivers for Automotive Ambient Lighting
Inviting Speaker:Melexis
15:30-16:00 Topic: Application of 5G Technology in Vehicle Interconnection
Inviting Speaker:Quectel
16:00-16:30 Topic: New Energy Applications in Smart Transportation and Smart Cities
Inviting Speaker:Open for Sponsor
16:30-17:00 Topic: Overall Intelligent Interaction - Free Your Hands and Return your Attention to the Road
Inviting Speaker: WEN ZHONG ZHI NENG
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